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Please review the General Terms and Conditions of On-Line Purchase that regulate the offer and purchase of products through our online store.

By using this website and performing any purchase process, you are bound by these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, so we recommend you read them carefully. If you do not agree with them, you should refrain from making any purchase of products on this website..


1. Identification of the provider of the service. In accordance of Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the identifying information of the owner of the Web Portal is:

MOTWANI, S.A. Address: Avda. Galdar, nº 10, Edificio Doramas, Local 12, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana CIF (Tax ID number): A35346048

Data registered in the Mercantile Registry of Las Palmas, in Volume 1108, Folio 121, Sheet GC 8814, Entry 1

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact us through the following means: Telephone: 928 767 971 e-mail: [email protected]

2. Description. Through these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, MOTWANI, S.A. offers its users and visitors the option of purchasing the available products and services on-line, in addition to establishing communication with the user.

MOTWANI, S.A. carries out its e-commerce activity as a virtual store through the Website MOTWANI, S.A. may alter the design, presentation and/or configuration of the Website, and any or all of the services at any time and without prior notice.

3. Acceptance of the specific conditions of purchase. Access and use of the service offered by involves the User fully and unreservedly accepting all of the conditions contained within these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Additionally, MOTWANI, S.A. reserves the unilateral right to modify these general Terms and Conditions.

All orders placed with MOTWANI, S.A. necessarily involve. as a determinant and essential condition, the unreserved acceptance by the customer of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of its products, in force on the day on which the corresponding order is placed. Additionally, the customer acknowledges that acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase will involve the application of these to the order they refer to, in addition to all subsequent orders, with the exception of cases in which they are made aware of new conditions by MOTWANI, S.A.  The fact that MOTWANI, S.A. does not make use of these conditions at a given time does not enable it to be interpreted or equated to waiving the right to use them in the past or the future.


1. Our products, how to find them? In addition to having physical stores, MOTWANI, S.A. makes a virtual store available to you which offers all types of products and services organised in families, so it is easier for you to find them.

All of the levels of families of products are accessed from the home page. Additionally, you can find products at MOTWANI, S.A using the search tool, where you just need to enter a key word (which may be the name of the product, characteristics or even incomplete words) and click on the search button.

2. Categories/families of products: The descriptions shown on the RIU PARFUM On-Line Store are created based on the information provided by suppliers to MOTWANI, S.A. However, the information given about each product, in addition to the photographs or videos relating to them and the trade names, brands or distinguishing signs of any type contained on the MOTWANI, S.A. website are displayed on as a guide. 

3. Purchase at In order to be able to make a purchase on, the user may register on our e-commerce platform, registering with a username and password, or without registering previously on it as a guest.

To place an order through our e-commerce platform, regardless of whether they register, the User must complete our form, providing us with the following information:

        ◦ Name and Surnames

        ◦ Full postal address,

        ◦ Email address and

        ◦ Contact telephone.

You will be able to purchase products, receive information about offers and promotions and find out the status of your orders. Your customer file will keep a record of your personal details, so you will not be required to complete them again in subsequent purchases.  For further information about the processing and storage of your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

4. Product availability MOTWANI, S.A. Informs the Customer that MOTWANI, S.A will not, under any circumstances, intentionally place for sale more units than it has available or that the supplier has reserved for it. MOTWANI, S.A. will do everything possible to satisfy its customers in the demand for products. In the event that the product is not available after placing the order, the Customer will be informed by email of the full or partial cancellation of it. The partial cancellation of the order due to the lack of availability does not grant the right to cancel the full order. If, as a result of this cancellation, the customer wishes to return the delivered product, they must follow the instructions stated in the Returns section.

5. How is the order processed? Products must be purchased by activating the “BUY” button which appears at the bottom of the purchase request page, and expressly accept each and every one of these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, as displayed on, prior to purchasing the products.

When clicking the process order button (after having selected the products and units), the registered user must enter their username and password, directly accessing a personalised shopping panel, where they will be able to modify their delivery address and select the different types of shipping and payment methods.

6. Prices. The prices that apply to each product, which include the applicable taxes are those stated on the Website on the date of the order.  During the purchase process, the amount corresponding to the tax burden will appear broken down according to the type in force at any time and applicable to the products and/or services, in addition to the corresponding delivery costs broken down before confirming the order. 

Offers are duly marked and identified as such, conveniently stating the previous price and the offer price.

MOTWANI, S.A. Reserves the right to make the changes it deems appropriate at any time and without prior notice, and can update products and services daily in accordance with the market.

The corresponding delivery costs will always be stated on the order. For orders placed in countries not belonging to the European Union, MOTWANI, S.A. will not bear the corresponding customs duties and taxes for each country.

If there is a variation in price, MOTWANI, S.A. will inform the customer about the variation via email and the customer may choose to cancel their order without incurring any additional cost.

7. Payment methods. MOTWANI, S.A. offers various payment methods so that the customer can choose the one that suits them best or that best meets their needs.

        ◦ Payment via Visa Credit Card, MasterCard and American Express, who have developed a system to make secure payments on the Internet. The Secure Electronic Commerce system is based on the Card Issuer identifying the holder of that card before authorising payment via the Internet. MOTWANI, S.A. reserves the right to reject any transaction made using credit card. In this case, we will refund the payment to the original card. in these cases and if the customer is interested in proceeding with the purchase of the items, we will request a bank transfer. If this is the method chosen by the user for the payment, a secure connection is established, using SSL 1, in which you should confirm the payment and enter the bank details directly. This page is not controlled by MOTWANI, S.A., it is an external payment gateway, so MOTWANI, S.A. does not have access to your bank details and does not store them.

        ◦ Payment by Transfer: You can make a bank transfer to the account that will be indicated at the time you select this payment method. The order will not be considered effective until we confirm the corresponding payment. The delivery times are counted from this date. To start to process the order as soon as possible, it is necessary for the order number to appear on the transfer. MOTWANI, S.A. will not be liable for delays caused for this reason.

        ◦ PayPal Account: Secure payment system where the user opens an account on the system which then enables them to make payments in many online stores around the world, using their credit or debit card for that purpose. PayPal will be the only entity to receive the customer's bank details, it is an intermediary between the customer and MOTWANI, S.A. At the time the customer makes the payment, it is immediate.  This way, MOTWANI, S.A. receives it and proceeds with the processing of your order (after verification that the details are correct).  To register or to obtain more information, visit, the PayPal website for Spain. These links are external and link to pages with their own conditions of use and/or privacy.

8. Non-payment. Once the agreed deadline for dispatch expires, in the case of full or partial non-payment by the customer, MOTWANI, S.A. may suspend or cancel any dispatch, without incurring any liability for any damages or losses, including loss of profit, or damages for production delays or losses caused to the customer. The above entitlement of MOTWANI, S.A. does not, under any circumstances, release the customer from their contractual obligations in relation to the payments due and the receipt of the products.

9. Invoicing. MOTWANI, S.A. must issue an invoice to customers who request it. This invoice will include the item and detail of the amounts received for the delivery of the products ordered. 

10. Transport and delivery costs. The delivery and/or handling costs are not included in the price and will be displayed to the customer before they finalise their purchase, depending on the delivery address for each order.

All national and international orders are shipped by our courier partner SEUR. Upon delivery, packages require a signature on the delivery note. If there is no one present to receive the package, the courier service will leave a note to indicate what to do in order to arrange another delivery time.

DestinoMétodo De TransporteCosteEnvió Gratis Para Pedidos Superiores ATiempo De Entrega
Islas Canarias SEUR3.65 €15.00 € 2 – 4 días laborales
Peninsula/Islas Baleares SEUR8.00 €60.00 €5 – 8 días laborales
Ceuta & Melilla/ Portugal SEUR10.00 €60.00 €5 – 8 días laborales
Europa Zona 1* - Alemania, Holanda, Belgica, Francia, Luxemburgo SEUR15,00 € 130.00 €9 – 12 días laborales
Europa  Zona 2* - Austria, Italia, Irlanda, Polonia, Republica Checa, Reino Unido SEUR15,00 € 130.00 €9 – 12 días laborales
Europa Zona 3* - Hungaria, Dinamarca SEUR15,00 € 150.00 € 10 – 14 días laborales
Europa Zona 4* 1 - Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Suecia SEUR26.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 4* 2 - Grecia SEUR26.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 4* 3 - Finlandia, Bulgaria SEUR25.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 4* 4 - Suiza SEUR39.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 5* 1 - Noruega SEUR39.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 5* 2 - Bosnia y Herzegovina SEUR37.00 €250.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Europa Zona 5* 3 - Croacia, Rumania,Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Serbia y Montegro SEUR43.00 €290.00 € 10 – 14 días laborares
Resto De Mundo SEUR ConsultarConsultar Consultar
* Países de la Zona 1: Alemania, Holanda, Belgica, Francia, luxemurgo
* Países de la Zona 2: Austria, Italia, Irlanda, Polonia, Republica Checa, Reino Unido
* Países de la Zona 3: Hungaria, Dinamarca
* Países de la Zona 4: 1 - Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Suecia
* Países de la Zona 4: 2 - Grecia
* Países de la Zona 4: 3 - Finlandia, Bulgaria
* Países de la Zona 4: 4 - Suiza
* Países de la Zona 5: 1 - Noruega
* Países de la Zona 5: 2 - Bosnia y Herzegovina
* Países de la Zona 5: 3 - Croacia, Rumania, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Serbia y Montegro

        ◦ Deliveries to Spain and Europe All deliveries to Spain and Europe are made with DDP (delivery duties paid), which means that all of the import and delivery duties are included in the total no additional payment is required when delivery is made. In the case of returns, none of the import taxes and shipping costs are refundable by

        ◦ Deliveries To The Rest Of The World For deliveries to the rest of the world, any customs or import duties must be paid once the package has reached your destination country. These costs must be paid by the end customer. does not have control over these charges and it is impossible to predict how much they will be. Customs policies vary considerably from one country to another, so the customer should contact their local customs office to obtain information about these costs. In the case of a return or rejected order, these costs are not refundable by

MOTWANI, S.A. does not accept any liability for any delay caused in the transport from:

        ◦ Incorrect or incomplete address

        ◦ Not stating a contact telephone number

        ◦ Courier strikes and situations of force majeure.

12. Delivery of the products. Products will be sent to the delivery address that the customer has stated on the order. If an order is placed for several items with different availabilities, the delivery time will take into account the longest expected delivery.

It is not possible to agree delivery times. The delivery time will be as established above in Transport and deliveries.

In exceptional cases, MOTWANI, S.A. will reserve the right to break down the order, sending the available items and leaving a second delivery pending with the unavailable items. MOTWANI, S.A. will not dispatch any product until its Administration Department has verified that payment has been made.

If the customer detects any problem at the time of the delivery of their order (damaged packaging, broken, missing or faulty products), they must state this in writing on the courier’s delivery note and inform MOTWANI, S.A. by email [email protected] with 24 hours of receipt of the order.

Returns of damaged items, or claims for missing items, will not be accepted if it has not been notified within the established timeframe. This is without prejudice to the warranty rights for products that do not conform with the contract that assists all consumers, in accordance with the current legislation. If the customer does not receive the order, they may contact MOTWANI, S.A. by telephone on 928 767 971 or using the email address [email protected]


1. Changes. Changes to orders by the customer will not be permitted when the product is custom-made or by following the customer’s instructions.

The customer may change an order if it has not yet been dispatched. For any changes, you must inform the company as soon as possible via email [email protected], stating the desired changes.

2. Cancellations. Cancellations of orders by the customer will not be permitted when the product is custom-made or by following the customer’s instructions.

To cancel an order, you must notify us as soon as possible using the email address [email protected] If the cancellation is made during the aforementioned time period, the customer will not be penalised. If the cancellation is made after the agreed 24 hours from its receipt, the customer will not be able to cancel the order. In the case of cancelling an order once it has been confirmed and sent, the customer must bear the transport and processing costs incurred.

As a result of the cancellation with the right to refund, the purchase amount will be refunded using the same payment method used for the initial transaction, unless expressly provided otherwise.

For credit cards, the amount will be refunded at the end of the monthly invoicing period. The exact date of the refund depends on the credit card agreement between the banking entity and the customer. Refunds via a bank transfer will be made within the following seven working days or, if applicable, as stipulated by the corresponding banking entity. Any difference in amount between the original order and the modified order will be processed in line with the procedure corresponding to the chosen payment method. MOTWANI, S.A. will not bear the costs for the return and new delivery.

For its part, MOTWANI, S.A. will not be able to substitute a product or model of product without first consulting the customer, In the event that, for reasons out of MOTWANI, S.A's control, it is not possible to supply the order, the customer will be offered the option of changing it for a replacement product of similar characteristics, giving the customer the right to cancel the order.

3. Returns of orders. Returns of orders by the customer will not be permitted when the product is custom-made or by following the customer’s instructions.

Orders may be returned within the period of 14 days from the date of purchase, and to do so, the Customer must contact MOTWANI, S.A. via the email address [email protected]. Return conditions.

        ◦ Returns of orders by the customer will not be permitted when the product is custom-made or by following the customer’s instructions.

        ◦ The product must not have been used and must be returned with the same original packaging as it was received in, as well as the original labels and stickers. Products that have been modified cannot be returned.

        ◦ The customer must have the purchase invoice. If they do not have it, it must appear on the database belonging to MOTWANI, S.A..

        ◦ The customer must bear the delivery costs in the case of return, which must be paid directly to the transport company at the time of collection. Items will not be collected if there is any unpaid postage.

        ◦ The item to be returned must be correctly packaged for its return.

        ◦ The delivery costs of the order will not be refunded.

Once the goods have been received at our warehouse, and we have checked that the item meets the required return conditions, we will refund the amount of the purchase using the same payment method that was used originally. 


If you are not satisfied with the product you received, you have 14 days, from the date of receipt, to request the return of your products. To request their return, send us an email to the following address: [email protected] or call us by telephone on 928 767971.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us via letter or using this withdrawal form which can be sent by email or by post.



To carry out your return, the product must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging and with all of the manuals, accessories or promotional gifts included inside. Once the item has been received at our warehouse, and after checking the condition of the package, the company will give the customer a full refund, via the same means the customer used to make the original payment. The refund amount will be the price of the product, excluding the delivery costs incurred, which will be paid by the customer.

Incorrect orders will also be accepted, in which case, RIU PARFUM will be liable for the delivery costs, provided that the customer informs the company of the circumstances within the period of 14 days from the receipt of the order.


The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within a period of 14 calendar days without the need for justification, for all orders that have not been bespoke-made or following the customer's instructions. To do so, the form below should be completed: Form to exercise the right of withdrawal from a remote purchase (this form should only be completed and sent if the consumer wishes to withdraw from the contract)

For the attention of MOTWANI, S.A. - Returns Department. Avda. Galdar, nº 10, Edificio Doramas, Local 12, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana. I, Mr/Mrs/Ms ……………….…….……….……….…….……….…...……………….……….……….…. (name and surnames), with address at ……...…..……….……….……...…….……….………... (full address), with telephone number ……….…..….…….……….….., and email address ……….…..….………...…….…..….…..…., or a third party indicated by me (other than the courier), took material possession of the goods subject to this contract with order number  ..….……….…..….……...…….……….... I hereby communicate that I withdraw from my sales contract for the following product: ..…….…..….……….…….………….…...…….……….……….…... ordered on (date DD/MM/YY) …../……/……. and received on (date DD/MM/YY) …../……/……, since I am within the deadline provided for by the law. In (City) …..…..….………..…………….……., on (day) …..…... of (month) …..…..…..…….. of (year 20….... Signed.: Mr/Mrs/Ms …..……….…..…..…..………..…….

The withdrawal period will expire after 14 calendar days, starting from the day on which the customer or a third party indicated by them, other than the courier, received the order.

1. Products not subject to the right of withdrawal. In the case of bespoke orders or orders made under the instructions of the customer, section c) will apply of Article 103 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16th, approving the Codified Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other supplementary laws, which states the following:

“The right of withdrawal will not apply to contracts that refer to a: d) The supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly. e) The supply of sealed goods that are not suitable to be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed after delivery.

Consequently, in the case of products personalised in accordance with the customer’s instructions, the customer will not be able to exercise the right of withdrawal.

2. How to exercise of the right of withdrawal. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you should send the withdrawal form, which can be accessed in this section, to MOTWANI, S.A. by any of the following means:

        ◦ Via postal communication, to the following address: Motwani, S.A. Avda. de Galdar.10, Edificio Doramas, Local 12. 35100 San Bartolome de Tirajana.

        ◦ By telephone communication, to the telephone number 928 767971, or

        ◦ Via email sent to [email protected]

To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient for the communication regarding the exercising of the right for its part to be sent before the corresponding deadline is reached. 

In the case of withdrawal, all of the payments received will be refunded. However, the customer must bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

The payment will be made without any undue delay and, in all cases, as a maximum, after 14 calendar days from the date on which the customer notified of the withdrawal. Said refund will be made using the same payment method used for the initial transaction, unless expressly provided for otherwise; in all cases, the customer will not incur any costs as a result of the refund.


All of our products are original, were purchased within the European Economic Area and, therefore, are free for trafficking. None of our products have been modified or manipulated.

Riu Parfum guarantees the originality of all of its products, offering the option to return them in accordance with the above conditions if the customer has an indication that they have a product whose originality is doubtful.


The customer undertakes to make legal use of the Services without contravening current legislation, or harming the rights and interests of third parties.

The customer guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided when completing the contract forms, avoiding causing damage to MOTWANI, S.A. as a result of the incorrectness of them.

Additionally, the customer undertakes to enable the delivery of the order placed by providing a delivery address at which the order can be received within the normal delivery schedule for goods.

The breach of any of these General Conditions of Contract may lead to the termination or cancellation of orders by MOTWANI, S.A. without the need to notify the customer in advance and without this leading to a right to any type of compensation whatsoever.

In the event of the delivery being rejected by the customer, MOTWANI, S.A. will not refund the delivery costs, which will be borne by the customer.


If you have any problems, please contact us to resolve them at the following email address [email protected] and/or using the Customer Services Telephone number 928 767971.

Error in the processing of an order: The payment was made by card through the on-line payment gateway.

You paid by card and the TPV BBVA payment gateway informed you that your transaction was correct. You will receive an email from BBVA to inform you that the transaction was charged and an email regarding the error in the finalising of the order process from RIU PARFUM. Do not worry, you will receive the order in the normal way.

You paid by card and the TPV BBVA payment gateway informed you that your transaction was incorrect. You will receive an email from RIU PARFUM to inform you of the error in the transaction, so the order will not be processed. In this case, your order will still be available in your shopping cart and, if you want to, you can process it again.


We remind you that MOTWANI, S.A. complies with the current legislation regarding data protection, and in accordance with Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5th and General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we inform you about how we process personal data.

1. Who is responsible for your data? The data controller for the data you provide to us as a result of purchasing a product or completing a form is:

MOTWANI, S.A. Address: Avda. Galdar, nº 10, Edificio Doramas, Local 12, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Spain

2. What data to we process? Depending on the product and services you want to enjoy at any time, we will need to process personal data such as:

        ◦ Identifying information: your name and surnames, contact address, email address, telephone number.

        ◦ Financial and transactional information, such as the details of your payment method, information about your purchases, orders, returns, cancellations, among others.

        ◦ Commercial and promotional information, if you have registered on our communications system.

        ◦ Data about your tastes and preferences.

On our forms, you will find that we request required data from you, marked with an asterisk, which we need in order to provide you with the service; if you do not provide this data, you may not be able to complete your registration or continue with the purchase process.

3. For what purpose do we process your data? Depending on how you interact with us, we will process your data for the following purposes:

User RegistrationIf you decide to register as a user, we will need to process your personal details to identify you as a user and give you access to the features of our website.
For the development and execution of the contract of saleTo manage the purchase process that you perform on our website. To manage payment for the products you purchase, regardless of the payment method used. To manage potential returns once you have made a purchase. To create and send you an invoice. To guarantee the use and access to gift cards, benefits, discounts and offers. To process your orders and transfer them to the companies that handle our deliveries.
For Marketing purposesIf you subscribe to our newsletters, we will process your data to manage your subscription, including sending personalised information about our products and services. This processing involves analysing your user/customer profile, to determine your preferences and send you offers and promotions which are specific to you. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time, via the unsubscribe systems incorporated in each communication we send.
Analysis of usability and qualityWe will process your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes, so that we can improve our website and adapt it to the way in which our users access and browse it.
To comply with legal requirementsWe will process data to comply with the obligations that apply to us, such as those regarding taxation, consumption, handling complaints and managing rights.

4. What is the legitimacy for the processing of your data? The legal bases that enables us to process your personal data depends on the purpose:

PurposeLegitimising basis
User RegistrationThe legitimate basis for the processing is your initial consent at the time you register as a user, with subsequent processing in order to execute the terms that regulate the use of our website. 
For the development and execution of the contract of saleThe basis that legitimises the processing of your data is the execution of the contract of sale or service provision that links us to you. Additionally, we apply legitimate interest to make the necessary checks to prevent and detect fraud when you make a purchase on our site.
For Marketing purposesThe basis that legitimises this processing is your consent, which you can withdraw at any time. To show you personalised information, we have a legitimate interest in creating a profile with the information that you provide to us and that we collect about you (browsing on the website, preferences, purchase history).
Analysis of usability and qualityThe basis that legitimises the processing is the legitimate interest in analysing the usability and degree of user satisfaction when browsing through our website.
To comply with legal requirementsWe will process data based on the legal obligations that apply to us.

5. How long do we keep your data for? The preservation period for the personal data is linked to the purpose of the processing; for that reason, we provide you with the preservation periods that we apply:

PurposePreservation period
User RegistrationFor the time in which you maintain your condition as a user, and once you unsubscribe, for the time limit established by the current legislation.
For the development and execution of the contract of saleFor the time required to manage your purchase, including the time limits for returns, cancellations and withdrawal. Subsequently, for a maximum period of 1 year.
For Marketing purposesWe will process your data until you unsubscribe from the communications and/or you withdraw your consent.
Analysis of usability and qualityWe will process your data until you delete the cookies from your computer.
To comply with legal requirementsWe will process the data for the time limits established by current legislation for each legal obligation that applies to us.

6. Who do we share your data with? Unless stated on the transferring of information to third parties form, MOTWANI, S.A. RIU PARFUM expressly informs you that it will only communicate the data to those bodies and entities of Public Administrations with competence in this area, in accordance with current legal regulations, and to comply with the contract of sale we have to send your data to third companies for the following purposes:

        ◦ Financial entities and issuers of credit/debit cards, for the management of charges and payments.

        ◦ Fraud detection and prevention entities.

        ◦ Suppliers and partners of product transport and delivery services.

        ◦ Suppliers and partners of invoicing, accounting and taxation management services.

7. What are your rights? In accordance with the current community legislation (Regulation (EU) 679/2016, of April 27th) and Spanish legislation (Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5th) you have the option of exercising the following personal rights, providing valid proof of identity, whether via electronic means or via written communication to our Data Protection Officer. Your rights are as follows:

        ◦ Right to withdraw your consent and request that we do not process your personal data for commercial purposes, or send you communications via email, SMS messages and newsletters.

        ◦ Right to access the information we hold about you as a person, specifying the purposes for the processing we carry out and the communications that we have sent to third party administrations and companies, either due to being authorised by law or because they are necessary to provide the service that you have requested, or due to your prior consent. 

        ◦ Right to rectify your data, as a result of which we will update the information and data that we have in accordance with the information you provide.

        ◦ Right to the deletion of your data, once the legal preservation periods established by the applicable law have expired.

        ◦ Right to oppose any activity we may carry out in processing your data, by withdrawing your authorisation/consent.

        ◦ Right to limit the processing of your data, such as in the case of you filing a claim or if you want us to keep your data for a longer period, preventing its deletion.

        ◦ Right to the portability of your data, as a result of which we will provide all of the data that you have provided to us when you registered as a user in a common readable file format.

Furthermore, we inform you that you may contact the Spanish Data Protection Supervisory Authority (the Spanish Data Protection Agency , at any time to request their guidance or to file a claim in relation to the processing of your personal data. 

8. Where can I exercise my rights? To exercise these rights, you can contact us using the following email address: stating on your request your full name and the right you are exercising, accompanied by a copy of your DNI (ID) or equivalent document to prove your identity. 

You can also do so by sending us a letter, with a copy of your ID to the address below:

MOTWANI, S.A.. FAO. Data Protection. Avda. Galdar, nº 10, Edificio Doramas, Local 12, 35100, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Spain

9. Security of your data. We have the organisational and technical measures to protect your personal data from all loss, improper use, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration and/or destruction. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully guarantee the security of any system of data transfer or storage. If you suspect that your interaction with us is no longer secure, please advise our DPO immediately. 


The intellectual and industrial property rights over works, brands, logos and any other element susceptible to protection, contained within the Website correspond exclusively to MOTWANI, S.A., or to third companies that have authorised MOTWANI, S.A. o use these brands, logos and distinguishing signs.

The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, commercialisation or transformation of such works, brands, logos, etc. constitutes a breach of the intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to MOTWANI, S.A or the owner of them, and may lead to the exercise of any court or out-of-court actions that may correspond in exercising their rights.

Additionally, the information that the customer may access through the Website, may be protected by industrial, intellectual or any other type of rights. The Company will not be held liable under any circumstances for the breaches of such rights that you may commit as a user and/or customer. 


All notifications, requirements, requests and other communications that need to be made by the parties in relation to these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase should be done in writing and will be understood to have been duly sent by ordinary mail to the address of the other party or their email address.

Specifically, in the case of MOTWANI, S.A., these should be sent to the postal address: Motwani, S.A. Avda. de Galdar, 10, edificio Doramas, Local 12, 35100 San Fernando de Maspalomas


If any clause included in these General Terms And Conditions of Purchase is declared fully or partially void or ineffective, such nullity or voidability will only affect that provision or the part of it that is void or ineffective, with the rest of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase remaining in effect. As a result, the clause declared fully or partially void or ineffective will be deemed not to be established.


Purchases made on will be governed by Spanish legislation.

In the event of any dispute or discrepancy arising in the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, the Courts that, if applicable, will hear the matter, will be those with the applicable law regarding competent jurisdiction, dealing with the end consumer, in the place of performance of the obligation or the address of the purchasing party.

In the event that the buyer is acting on behalf of a legal entity, both parties submit themselves, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, to the Courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

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