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Please read the following Private Purchase Conditions before using the website, as well as the service and services offered by RIU PARFUM. For security reasons, we cannot accept orders of over 1500€ (euros) or allow more than 12 articles per order.

The present Private Purchase Conditions are applied to the sale of all articles and products sold by RIU PARFUM that are offered on its Online Shop, to consumers to whom orders can be delivered within the Euro Zone.   

The RIU PARFUM Online Shop is aimed exclusively at clients over 18 years of age, who are deemed fully capable of making orders.

In compliance with Law 7/1998, dated 13th April concerning General Contract Conditions, we establish the following clauses that permit mutual contract between both parties. The General Contract Conditions are permantly available for viewing at The User has them available both before and after contracting the Private Purchase Conditions. In this way the User has prior access to all the conditions pertaining to the services rendered.

RIU PARFUM reserves the right to modify the Private Purchase Conditions respecting the established agreements up to the date of the finalization of services previously contracted, except when said modifications are imposed by legal decree, in which case the new Private Purchase Conditions will automatically replace the previous ones. In any of these cases, RIU PARFUM will notify registered users at the email addresses they provided when they registered.

RIU PARFUM reserves the right to cancel a user’s access account if it detects any fraudulent or speculative acts, or acts of bad faith in their use of this service.



Identification of the service provider.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, dated 11th July, concerning Services of the Society of Information and E-Commerce, the legal details of the owner of the website are:


CIF: A35346048

Inscribed in the Company Register of Las Palmas, in Volume 1108, Page 121, Sheet GC 8814, Inscription 1.

Should you have any doubts or queries, you can contact us at 928 767971 or by e-mail: [email protected]



RIU PARFUM, within the present Private Conditions, offers its users and visitors the opportunity to purchase products and services online, as well as establishing communication with the user.

RIU PARFUM may alter at any time, and with no prior warning, the design, presentation and/or set up of its Website, as well as some or all of its services.

Acceptance of the private purchase conditions

Access to, and use of, the Online Shopping Service of RIU PARFUM implies, on the part of the User, the complete and wholehearted acceptance of all conditions laid out in the current Private Conditions. Likewise, RIU PARFUM reserves the unilateral right to modify the current private conditions applicable to its Online Shop.


How can our products be found?

RIU PARFUM, as well as running physical shopping premises, provides you with a virtual shop offering a wide range of products and services organized in groups, making them easier to be located.

From the homepage, all the group levels can be accessed with a click, and on inside pages with a drop down menu which appears at the top.

You can also find products at through a search engine, in which you just have to introduce a key word (which can be the name of the product, characteristics and even incomplete words) and press “search”. All products have a detailed descriptive file, including their name with a photograph, a description and price including tax; it also informs you of specific conditions in the event of cancellation, the periods allowed to cancel your order, the different types of delivery and delivery times, which you can select according to your needs.

You also have the chance to express your opinion on each product, see the opinions of other users, or even send information on to friends by email if you feel they may be interested.

The prices that appear on these product descriptions constitute an invitation for clients to make an order proposal; so if there are any errors in them, RIU PARFUM will inform clients of such errors and will block the order.


Making a purchase at the RIU PARFUM Online Shop.

To be able to buy anything on the RIU PARFUM Online Shop users have to register. For this you are required to provide your email address (which will be used as a user name), then complete the registration form, and choose a password made up of a minimum of 8 characters. You are also required to introduce a series of personal details which are needed to formalize your purchase. Registering in our shop through your username and password will allow us to be able to identify you for future visits, so that you don’t have to put your personal details in time and again. Once registered, you only need select the product or products you wish to purchase, add them to your shopping basket, select the quantity you require and then put the order through.


Security and Privacy

We remind you that RIU PARFUM cumplies with the current laws concerning data protection, and in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, informs you that all personal data we receive from you are placed in a file inscribed in the Data Protection Agency, meeting all security measures required for the their protection. You can obtain further information regarding our treatment of data in our Privacy Policy.

Your details are collated via a safe SSL connection and have the primary purpose of facilitating access to the shop and the formalization of the purchase of products at, as well as for the sending of commercial and promotional communications if you instruct us to do so, while said details are not passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

RIU PARFUM uses security techniques generally accepted within the industry, such as firewalls, access and criptographic mechanism control procedures, all with the aim of preventing non authorized access to data. To this end, the user/client accepts that the provider may obtain personal details so as to check the authentication of users accessing the site.  

Any contracting process that involves the introduction of personal details (name, bank details, addresses), will always be transmitted via safe communication protocol at in such a way that no third party may gain access to the information transmitted electronically.  

In compliance with Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, concerning Personal Data Protection, all clients registered at RIU PARFUM may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose their details, communicating their wish via email at: [email protected].

How are orders processed?

When you click on the button to place your order (having firstly selected the products and the quantity required), a safe connection is established, via SSL, where you need to confirm the address to which you wish your products to be delivered. You may choose a different address to the one that appears in the register.

Through this safe SSL connection, and in the event of the chosen payment method being a credit or debit card, a connection is made with the payment platform Santander Elavon Merchant Services, in such a way that data from the cards is transmitted directly and safely, without RIU PARFUM having access to them or being able to store them.

This payment platform / Virtual TPV by Santander Elavon Merchant Services is the one to communicate that the payment operation has been correctly processed.

Once you have finished the payment process and have received the communication from our online services provider, RIU PARFUM will send a purchase confirmation email with its corresponding identification number, enabling you to use it to track the state of your order.


Payment Method

The payment methods you can use to make your purchases are:

VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS credit and debit cards. 
With PayPal, your order will be sent as soon as we receive confirmation by PayPal of full payment.

(+ info at )


Product Deliveries

You can set your delivery time for your orders through our postal delivery partner, SEUR. Depending on the delivery time you request, delivery charges will vary. You can access information on delivery costs at

The delivery address of your order will be the one you provide in your order.

If, due to force majeure or for causes beyond our organization’s control, or due to the lack of availability of any of our products, the order is not delivered within the established timetable, we will offer you the choice of not paying for delivery charges, or cancelling the order, with the corresponding refund.  

The delivery time will be stated in the order confirmation email, or otherwise, in the communication made by the RIU PARFUM’s partner courier service  Delivery of orders will be made to the address indicated by the client, according to the type of delivery (either urgent or normal) requested. The maximum delivery time may not exceed 30 days from the date of the order.

In the event of the order not being able to be delivered due to the absence of the client, the transport company will leave a delivery note and will try to contact the client by telephone. After two failed attempts, the client must contact the transport company and coordinate a date and suitable time for delivery.



Perishable products may not be returned (perishable products are considered those that are susceptible to perishing or disappearing, especially due to natural processes, such as non-preserved or non-preservable fruits, bakery products, among others) once these products have been sent. To process their return, clients must contact our customer service department by email to [email protected] and/or by calling our Customer Service number on 928 767971, indicating the order number and the reasons for returning the product. It will be Customer Services who will see to the collection of the returned product.

All non-perishable products that fulfill the following requirements shall be accepted for returns:  

  • Products must be preserved in their original packaging. Products not in their original wrapping will not be accepted, unless this has been caused during the original delivery, in which case the product will be exchanged for the like.

  • Clients must pay for delivery charges for the return of their product, this payment should made to the transport company when they come to collect.

  • The returned article should be properly packaged for carriage.

The following non-perishable products may also be returned:

  • If the product does not comply with the characteristics set out in the product description on our website. In this case, the company will refund the cost of the product, not including delivery costs. This refund shall be processed with the same payment method used by the client.

  • If the product arrives in defective condition. In this case, a full refund will be made once the product has been sent back. RIU PARFUM will cover the costs of the return and the re-sending.


The legal warranty period is 2 years but for goods of a non-durable nature, this cannot be fulfilled because our products may have earlier expiration dates. For hygiene reasons, it is necessary to return the product with its original packaging, unless it is in a poor condition when opened.


The services and products pertaining to this Private Conditions are subject to the renunciation of the client: you have the right to renounce the contract without being required to provide any justification, in a period of 14 days following delivery.  

  • The renunciation carries no cost for the client. RIU PARFUM will return the corresponding amount within a period of 14 days from the date which it has been informed of the renunciation decision of the client. The refund will be made in the same way the original payment was made.

  • However, we reserve the right to retain the amount to be refunded until we receive the goods renounced and/or once the transport company has notified us that they have collected the goods, whichever comes first.

  • Regarding the means of  communicating your right to renunciation, you should contact our Customer Service Department, by calling 928 767971, or by email, to [email protected], and the transport company will proceed to collect the product from the address it was originally delivered to. The product should meet all necessary original packaging conditions and should not have been used at all.

Regarding the following products, RIU PARFUM expressly informs you in good time that as they are services and products which are executed totally, or are clearly personalized or carried out to clients’ specifications, or are installed, set up and carried out according to clients’ specifications, they lose the right to a refund, in accordance with current laws.



If you experience any difficulty, please contact us at the following email: [email protected] and/or by calling the Customer Service Phoneline on 928 767971.

Errors that occur in the processing of orders: Payment by card through the online payment system.

You have paid by card and the Santander Elavon Merchant Services payment system informed you that the transaction went through correctly. You will receive an email from Santander Elavon Merchant Services informing you of the charges of the operation and an error email for the finalization of the order process by RIU PARFUM. Do not worry, your order will arrive in the normal way.

You have paid by card on the Santander Elavon Merchant Services payment system and it informed you the transaction did not go through properly. You will receive an email by RIU PARFUM informing you of the error in the transaction, and that your order was not processed. In this case, you will still be able to put the order through via the shopping basket, by going back and starting afresh.   



In the event of any controversy derived from the interpretation of the private conditions and possible actions derived from purchasing procedures, RIU PARFUM is protected by the Arbitrary Comsumers’ System, recognising the efficiency of of the rulings contained therein. When both parties are not subject to the Arbitrary Consumers’ System, with the express renunciation of the waivers that may correspondent to them, they submit to the Powers of the Courts of the place of their residence for the resolution of any kind of dispute or conflict that may arise from the interpretation or compliance of the Private Conditions herein.